The RIFLES ONLY training facility is located in the Wild Horse Desert area of South Texas near Kingsville, Texas. This offers us the opportunity to train under different conditions. Our average wind speed is 20-25 miles per hour. There is usually plenty of mirage and high temperatures. These are excellent “real world” conditions. The classes and competitions at RIFLES ONLY are challenging. High winds and high temperatures are the norm for this part of the country, be prepared. We are not a public range.


• 50 yard pistol/carbine range 
• 25-700 yard moving target range - lighted 
• (2) 1000 yard rifle ranges 
• 1400 yard rifle range Field fire Unknown Distance (UKD) Range 
• Low light shooting area 
• Stalking areas 
• Range estimation and target detection area 
• 2 bus simulators - live fire and simulation 
• Full featured live fire kill house 
• Town for patrols, foot or vehicle simulation 
• 100 yard handgun/carbine range 
• 350 degree live fire outdoor rang 
• The Tower (3 stories high)