How can I come shoot at Rifles Only?

Rifles Only is a Training Facility, not an open range or a members range, so the only way to come shoot at our facility is to sign up for one of our courses, clinics, or competitions, or to reserve private instruction time with an instructor.

Does Rifles Only Offer Conceal Carry License Course?

Rifles Only does have a subcontractor that does Conceal Carry courses for us. Please contact us via phone or email to obtain conceal carry course information.

I’m still waiting on my suppressor, but would like to order a cover, how do I know what size to order?

If you’re waiting on your suppressor still, but wanting to go ahead and get a cover, reach out to us via phone or email and we can assist you in trying to determine the correct size cover to go with. We do have a small list (and growing) of some of the most common suppressors and what size cover to go with, and if it’s one we don’t have we can work with you to determine which size would be the best to go with. Be careful going off manufacturer specs, as they are usually an Overall length and typically include QD mounts which you don’t typically want to cover, and sometimes even muzzle brake attachments at the front of the suppressor which you don’t want to cover. Just reach out to us and we can try to give you some guidance.

How do I measure my suppressor for a Cover?

To measure your suppressor for a cover you only want to measure the body of the can. You do not want to cover any QD mounts that have push buttons or levers as the cover will engage them, or external baffles such as a muzzle brake attachment at the front of the suppressor. You’ll measure the body of the can only, and always size down if you’re in-between cover sizes (i.e. a 6.8” suppressor you’d want a 6.5” cover). Our covers are hand stitched and cores machine cut so there is a possible 1/8th Inch differential in the size cover you order and it’s Actual size, meaning a 6.5” cover could actually measure 6.625” so we always recommend rounding down when in-between sizes. You may have a hair of shortness but typically It will be less than you Imagine. You can also always reach out to us via call or email for proper sizing assistance, we’re happy to steer you in the right direction on which size to go with.

I need a smaller/larger or different size cover than is available on your website, is this possible?

Yes, usually. We do make custom covers, (within reason) and we do know and understand that while the covers we make that are listed on our website fit most of the popular suppressors out there (When you go with the recommended proper size cover based on our measurement recommendations), there are some suppressors that require a smaller or larger length or diameter than what we offer on our site. Just reach out to us via call or email and we’ll work with you to see if we can make you a cover for your circumstance.

I bought the wrong size cover, can I exchange it?

We accept returns/exchanges on un-used items only, so as long as it’s not used, you can exchange your cover. Just reach out to us to proceed with an exchange or return and we’ll work to get it done. The only thing we ask for returns or exchanges that are not an error on our part (i.e. we sent you the wrong size, color, item, etc.) is that the customer cover shipping both ways.

Can the HAD outer sleeve be used by itself?

No, it is a 2 part cover for a reason. The way the HAD is stitched on each end the color/camo material folds under and without the inner core would touch the suppressor and melt to it. We did design the Skinny Suppressor cover to be used without an inner core, however it is for bolt guns only as without the core it’s not as high of a heat rated cover as our HAD, though we do have a few customers that use it on an AR with a low fire/round count and no mag dumping with success.