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Constitutional Carry laws allow American’s their constitutional rights under the 2nd amendment, however Conceal carry/Open Carry and Constitutional carry laws vary by state, check your state regulations for your carrying laws. - Rifles Only is Located in Texas, where Constitutional carry Law go into effect in September 1st, 2021.


This course is a 2 day course designed to instill basic confidence, situational awareness, and effective use of a pistol/handgun in a defensive role.

Topics covered:

  • 4 basic firearms safety rules
  • Safe loading and unloading
  • Draw sequence
  • Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
  • Cover and concealment
  • Emergency loads
  • Malfunction drills
  • Support side shooting
  • Shooting and moving
  • Defensive mindset
  • Stress operation
  • Representations of short range confrontations
  • Proper mindset.

We will review Texas laws as they pertain to this course, it is up to you to then verify your local governments laws as they pertain to the carrying of firearms. (You can still take this course if you are not a resident of TX, we will attempt to help you review your states laws as needed, however it is ultimately your responsibility as a firearm owner to know your state/local governments firearm carrying laws and regulations.)


(*This is NOT a conceal carry/LTC permit course, as Texas no longer requires a permit to carry your handgun, if you legally own the handgun and are not legally prohibited by state or federal law due to legal or criminal offense to own one.*)

Equipment List: Ammunition, Durable Boots or Footwear, Eye And Ear Protection, Handgun/Pistol and 2 magazines, Hat Or Ball Cap, Holster, Pouches for Extra Magazines, Small notebook & pen

Keep in mind that this is a basic course. The information provide will provide a template for your additional practice.

All fees/deposits for courses and/or competitions are non-refundable and non-transferable. For any concerns or questions please contact us.

2 days
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Law Enforcement
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Private Security Contractor
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