Rifles Only Precision Rifle Disk 2: Field Positions For Precision Rifle

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Positions for Precision Rifle. In real world situations positional shooting must be adapted for the location from which the shot is taken. Knowing the proper foundation from which to start is an imperative for successful engagements. There are probably indeterminate amounts of shooting positioins that have been used throughout the ages by marksmen worldwide. In this DVD, Jacob covers the essentials of field positions for successful long range engagements. You will go inside a Precision Rifle class at Rifles Only and see one-on-one training and hear what the students are getting out of the class. Be it for hunting, military or law enforcement, Jacob covers what you need to know for success in the field. He illustrates a variety of shooting positions - from kneeling to standing to sling-supported shots, and how you have to adapt your position for what works for that place and time.