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Need to site in your Rifle? The customers spoke and Rifles Only Listened!

While Rifles Only, Inc. isn't an open range, we're a training facility, we get LOTS of calls each year around hunting season for people in our area looking for a place to site their rifle. Unfortunately our area of south Texas has a lot of places to hunt and/or offers a lot of guided hunts, but not a lot of open ranges to be able to site in before a hunt. 

Being that we're a training facility and not an open range, an instructor is required to be with you at all times when live rounds are being fired on the range, however we've talked to our instructors and shared your wants and needs of rifle site in's and they've agreed to offer 30 minute, 60 minute, and 2 hours, time blocks for them to sit with you while you site your rifle, and assist as needed and/or just accompany(as required by our training facility status and not being an open/public range, an instructor is required to be with you at all times when shooting live rounds on the premisis.) - to be able to provide our area with a place they can go to site in their rifle and maybe gain a tip or pointer from our world renowned instructors possibly too! Please keep in mind when booking, you are paying to site your rifle, yes, but you're also paying for an instructors time and potentially a slight bit of instruction, as needed. We greatly apprecaite your business!


30 minutes: come prepared with rifle and equipment ready, site in at 100 yards. Round count: 10 rounds

60 minutes: first 30 minutes set up and light marksmanship training, next 30 minutes for site in at 100 yards. Round count: 30 rounds

2 hours: everything in first 2, plus shooting to 400 yards. Round count: 60 rounds

**Once you've booked your time block length, please email or call us to coordinate appropraite date/time** - or - 361-595-5472


Equipemt List: Rifle with Bi-pod and scope, hearing protection, notebook and paper, and/or rifle data book and pen to record dope(s), any shooting bags you like/prefer to use, shooting mat if you like/prefer to use one



All fees/deposits for courses, or events involving instructors time, and/or competitions are non-refundable and non-transferable. For any concerns or questions please contact us.

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